Haunting Shadows

Fog, darkness blows like the winds
Misty, clouds rolling in
Slight chill, shivers swimming
Darkness lurking
Intriguing, yet uncertainty
Mysterious, creepy
Fog thickens, heart beat quickens
Something lurks, watching
Tracing, Surveying
Observing, Studying
Lurking within the shadows
Curiosity rises, blood pressure escalates
Afraid, yet puzzled
Nothing there…
Or is there?

Mystery Woman

Gracefully gliding , as if walking on clouds
Calm, intriguing presence
Gentle, warm tone
Gorgeous, soft like velvety

Striking beauty, fitted feminine dress
Bubbly giggles, seductive as a Siren
Sparkly eyes, lightning smile
Heads turn, melts men’s hearts

Such class, smooth
Sweet, slick talker
Gentle, suave
Smart, mysterious

Innocent, or not so?
A real Woman?
Or a Conwoman?
Warm, sweet giggle

Beach Bar

Tropical breeze flies through
Chatter rises as music escalates
Slight drum beats, chanting
Fruity, coconut shaking, twirling

Sunset caresses the seas, the glasses
Waves reflecting colors, transparent beauty
Swish, swish, swish
Winds lifting up Spirits
Giggles, laughter rises

Chin, chin, swish, swish
Stretching out, admiring the beauty
Sipping delicious Sunset
Floating into the horizon, beautiful happiness

Pirates Life

Salty air rushes in
Waking up the sails
Moving with the seas
“Ready to sail, boys!”

Adventure swimming
Winds, waves escalating
Seeking treasure, pleasure
Bottles, barrels of rum

Swaying, no complaining
Swigging bottles
Yo ho! Yo ho! Yo ho!
Roar of laughter, freedom!

Chocolate Figures

Bittersweet, milky-white
Other robust, sweet-dark
Both delicious, attractive
Different tastes, characters

Light as White, stubborn
Hold back, yet lingers
Dark as Black, strong
Complex, yet simple

Both velvety, luscious
One is nutty
Other more earthy, grounded
More passionate, loving

Mystery Man

Charming, Suave
Smooth, Handsome
Great class, graceful strut
Gorgeous smile, clever

Gentlemen-like, Sharp suit
Heads turn, Statement
Men envy, Ladies turn to butter
Slight twinkle in the eyes

Warm, deep voice
Sweet, gentle talker
Slick, soft sands

Intrigue, mysterious
A real Gentleman?
Or a Conman?
Warm, sweet chuckle


Luscious, vibrant greenery
Vivacious, tropical colors
Coconut, fruity aromas
Whiff of salty sea air

Swoosh! Crash!
Volcanic, gigantic waves
Palm trees swinging, dancing
Like Hula Dancers

Sense of community, Ohana
Love swimming through
No big cities, nor buildings
Stunning scenery, soothing sounds

Unstressful, bittersweet
Aloha! Inclusion swims around
Surfing into the Sunset, Tranquility
Sweet, uplifting life