Classy Crowd

Stylish, simple

Apart from crowd

Unpopular-ish, different

Quiet, friendly


Shell slowly opens, tests waters

Dash of bliss, adventure

Adrenaline, excitement pounding

Pulls 90, blossoms like a Rose


No isolation, apartness

Fabulous, inclusion

Jazzy trends, sparkly smiles

Popular like celebrities

Classy, not too Sassy



Long board, short board

Paddling out

Water rushin’, swishin’

Heart slowly escalating


Powering through waves

Waves pilling up

One after another

Waiting for good set


Paddling hard, heart beating fast

Mounting board

Floating like clouds

Excitement swimming, pounding

Ocean pleasures


Unexpected Aid

So dark, night darkness
Journeying cave
Seeking safe haven
Yet searching remedy

Pushed over suddenly
Enchantress magic
Stubborn, yet strong Prince
Grips harder, defying dark magic

Struggling to climb
Unexpected bright light
As darkness spreads
Speeding up, grabs flower-remedy

Bright light aiding
Darkness quickens
Prince rushes
Never gives in

Barely there
Light inches out
As Prince follows
Helped by magic
Good, protective

Soul Searching 2

Searching horizons
Different, yet treacherous rip tides
Rough seas, mountainous waves
Breaking shells, coral
One by one, aching undertows

Roaming, healing
Giving knowledge
Knowledge guides, aides
Sails the seas, wiser

Defying expectations, pushing
Sailing with tides
Towards the horizons
Towards oneself, happiness

Beauty Wooed

Enchanting antiques
Lively more than others
Slightly theatrical
Very magical

Bubblin’, dancin’
Brewin’, prancin’
Excitement rushin’
As Beauty arrives

Impressing, befriending
Escorting, encouraging
To see within Beast
A warm soul
Gentle, kind

Beauty blossoms, slowly
As Beast unravels, opens up
Petals circulating, giggling
Bonding, romancing

One by one, falling
Slowly lifting up
Falling deeply, surprisingly
True happiness


Unexpected events
Unexplained, odd
Swoosh here, swoosh there
Unusual, not normal

Feeling a presence
Strong, dark
Creepy, yet curious
Lurking around

There, yet not
Pulling a Houdini?
Unknown, flying around
Like a ghost

Disappearing, vanishing
No trace
Yet still there
Haunting, lingering

Soul Searching

Unsure, scared
Yet pushing on
Following one’s instincts
Listening to heart, finding my way
On my own

Leaving comfort zone
Facing mountains, lava
Ridgy rollercoasters
Journey may a leave a scar
Eying, healing, searching

No assistance
Learning from others, loved ones
Marching to my own drums
Feeling it inside me

Wiser, stronger
No regrets, nor arrogant
Bittersweet, appreciative
I know my way