Big, or small
Loud, or quiet
No matter what
Blood, or not

Constant roller coasters
Ups, downs
Shaky, yet still coasting
Seeking safe harbors

Always there
Loving, supportive
Compassionate, protective
Hearts beat as one

That’s Ohana
Ohana is family
Family, nobody is left behind
Nor forgotten

Always there, lovingly
Always remembered
Always within our hearts
Through the roller coasters

My Ireland

A beautiful sight to behold
Luscious green landscapes
Extending far the eyes can see
Hills, after hills

Pure beauty
Winds blow through
Slight echoes of a farm
Grand, peaceful Baile

Mountainous landscapes
Aching for rain
Storm blows through
Bringing life to greenery
Bring life to my Baile

Night of the Soul

Soft, sizzling tempos
Sweet, hot trumpets
Soulful vocalizing, singing
Waking up the room

Bringing life, joy
Bluesy singing, sizzling band
Kickin’ up the tempo
Kickin’ off the shoes

Listening to the Soul
Feeling the Soul
Loosening up, waking up the body
Swinging to the floor

Hittin’ the Soul
Givin’ it all
Tempo heats up, as does dancing
Jazzy, sizzling night

Jazz of the 1920s

Glittery dresses, snappy suits
Circling, giggling
Swirling Champagne, bubbliness

Slight roar of a trumpet
Swinging be-bop, jitteriness
Soulful, Earthy tempos fills up the room

Laughter, excitement
Suits circling Glitteriness
Slight bow, escorting to the Blues

Dancing the night away
Lovely, soothing Blues
Circling, swirling beautifully with class
Glitteriness ends with great sass
Nothing more, sizzling Blues

Rum Love

Swig, swish, swig
Swig, spicy sugar
Light brown, deliciousness liquid
Oh jolly! Swig! Swig! Swish!

Entering a world of piracy, freedom
Swaying like Jack, unevenly
Long lasting spicy sweetness
Waking up mateys
Bringing pleasure of slight piracy
Yo ho! Yo ho! Swig!
Swigging, harmlessly
AY, love for rum