Close knit
Like family
Supportive, caring
Loving, protective

Better understanding
Always there
No matter what
No questions asked

Pulls weight
Lends shoulder
Voices concerns
Fair, sweet ear

Fight like
Cats & dogs
Pieces fall
Yet pieced together
Thanks to love

Thick, thin
Mountainous waves
Pulls through
Best friends


Reflections & Films

What is it about certain movies that capture our hearts? They open our eyes, heart, mind and perspectives from colorful, creative worlds. Whether it’s a drama, comedy, romantic or even animation movies, the creators of these films have fun creating and portraying countless life experiences. We see characters suffer, fall in love, struggle, fight, sing, dance, work and so much more as if they were from our world. Movies like Titanic, Moana, The Hunger Games, Harry Potter, Star Wars and many others widen our views and feelings. The themes of community, fighting for what’s right, finding your way, love, family, friends, relationships, true love, duty, and living life to the fullest are portrayed/ expressed through the actions of the characters making the experiences relatable. Movies like these help us realize what life is all about and it’s not a competition (unless you’re Katniss Everdeen, just kidding). Life should be not only live to the fullest but more importantly shouldn’t be a pawn of someone else’s game, strive and fight for your own path, include people who love and accept you and never loose hope. It’s always easy to take the cowardice way, but life won’t be worth living if one doesn’t take risks and willing to take the rollercoasters of life. These actions help build and create stronger character and one learns what’s most important in his/ her life.

Beauty & Judgements

We’ve all heard the phrase: don’t judge a book by its cover. I feel as if nowadays this phrase falls short and is forgotten due prejudices, pride and perspectives. We can always learn from other people’s life experiences, yet I personally believe there ways to open one’s eyes and one of those ways is movies. The film industry is a work of art, a way of life for some, and entertains people, yet under utilized nor seen as new perspectives. For example, one of the most beloved fairy tales of all time and most romantic children’s movies, Beauty & the Beast portrays all of these magical qualities beautifully and much more through all of the various colorful, enchanting characters. As children we grew up in love with the bubbly numbers and funny characters, yet now as adults we can truly learn what it means to not judge a book by its cover. Belle, the protagonist, is introduced to the Beast and at first is turned off by his attitude and personality. Within time she truly sees what lies beneath the exterior and sees the true beauty and soul of the Beast, which results to her accepting and loving him for who he is.

There are so many other lessons we can learn from Beauty & the Beast, yet this is the main theme within the storyline and I completely embrace it. Someone could look plain and not look very handsome/ beautiful, but this person could have such a beautiful and loving soul and personality. I suggest to anyone who has read this to take one of their favorite movies and try to find the main theme then break it down. It’s actually fun and interesting what you may find. Movies may give us countless worlds to escape to, but these worlds are trying to teach us something. Give it a try! Can’t hurt.

Never Give Up (No Matter What)

Why are some employers don’t seem to care about their hard, good workers? Why do they prefer to help and care for the employees who are the opposite? Why do they play favorites to these people? Lastly, why do these employers listen and understand other people’s feelings and opinions? I deal with this daily at my work and the management style being used is not only fair, but I find it unprofessional. There are many things about my boss I would like to say, other than she is a woman who abuses her authority, lies and dramatizes everything. This gives me more motivation to find a better job. I’ve been searching and applying what I think would be a good fit. Normally I don’t hear back no matter what I do, but that’s not stopping me. If there’s anyone else in similar situation as mine, never give up and just know your time will come. Never give up on your dreams and never forget there’s some special about you, which will shine through when the time comes. Bright like a Star!

Life is a Rollercoaster

Highs, lows
Constant rollercoasters
First steady
Coasting, leveled
Fair, naive
Silly, simple

Warning sign
Caution, yield
Unexpected, unplanned
Bumpy, Ridgy
Clinching seatbelt

Bad ass, hardcore
Skiddin’, Rollin’ in
Realness pushes
Forcing maturity

Warning, warning
Beep! Shriek!
Mountainous, undeniable
Steer course

Deep breaths
Challenges, fights
Steering another
Another ride

High School Classes

Atheletic, strong
Hip, cool
Jocks, cheerleaders
Princes, princesses of fame

Cliches, cliques
Intelligent, out-crowd
Invisible, unappreciated
Teased, abused
Pushed, used
Commoners, overlooked

Muscly, girly
Trendy, fashionistas
Arrogant, prideful

Plain, simple
Small, understated
Unique, individuality
Sweet, kind
Quiet, warm-hearted