Seductive Harmonies

Mythical, soothing, vocalizing
Soft, intriguing, intoxicating
Swish, swish
Vocals echo in the winds

Winds blow through, swish
Softly like velvet, swoosh
Lifted, spiritual-like
Mystical, entrancing vocals

Swish, swoosh, swish
Rising high above my head
Beautiful harmonies
Captivating, seductive as a Siren

Fighting the Mountain

One rock topping another
Slowly loosing breathe
One by one, pressed down
Great weight pushed on

No more, no more pressure
Searching, yearning
Stretching, reaching
Climbing, fighting the pressure

Another piles on
One by one
Bigger, taller mountain
Shaking, trembling

Barely holding on, loosing grip
Deep breathes, body loosens
Finding strength within
Stronger grip, defying the rocks

Healing Bruises

Aching, soreness
Swimming all over
Slowly drowning in pain
Wishing upon the open sea
To float to tranquility, like a Dolphin

Pushed against the Rocks
Bruised, crying
Ripples break through
Swoosh! Beating against the Current

Waves soothe down
As gracious, strong Figure rises from the depths
Bringing warmth, tranquility, a friend
A friend, a silver, bluish creature

Two beautiful creatures
One kisses bruises, other helps me swim
Swimming to open sea, to peace
Stability with two new Friends

Slowly healing with great compassion
No more rocks, no more aches
Warmth swims through
Floating, swimming with my Friends

Adrift in Sanctuary

Tranquility, peace
Swish, swish
Colorful shades of orange
Slight hint of redness

Massive sphere descending, slowly
Leaving slight green sparkles
Swish, swish
Giggly circles, reflecting orangey sky

Swish, swish
Silver figures breaks the seas
Circling, swimming underneath
Intrigue, excitement swims through

Sphere disappears, orange to red
Red to purple, swish
Purple to royal blue, swish
Silver figures arise, gracefully

Group of men, charming
Seductive smiles, colorful eyes
Swoosh, swish, swoosh
One swims to edge, to shore
Extends hand, inviting

Upper body, beautiful, muscular
Dark chocolate eyes, sandy hair
Bluish-green… Mer-tail!
Sudden warmth, pulled to depths
Simple kiss, little water
Diving in, to colorful mer-world

Battle for Freedom

Drifting away, pulled out to sea
Unsure, scared, nowhere to turn
Yearning compassion, seeking destiny
Individuality, steer my own current

Swoosh! Clash! Clang!
Storm whips up, waves build up
As emotions, stress raise up
Darkness blows through

Great Wave takes over
Over powers smaller wave
Manipulates movements, emotions
Circling uncertainty, confusion

Clang! Clash! Swoosh!
Winds salvage small wave
Swimming, circling back
Swoosh, swoosh
Strength rises, battling Great Wave

Winds raise up Small wave
Like an Army of Knights aiding King
Ultimate Battle, Now or Never!
My Path, for my Current!

Great force, Swoosh!
Great Mighty Wave
Smaller rises up, every single ripple
Clang! Clash! Clang!

Storm dies, winds caress small wave
Small wave survives, the Great defeated
Swish, swish, ripple, ripple
Giggly, colorful, gentle wave

Hawaiian Waves

Swish, swoosh, swish
Small waves builds up
One pounding over others
Bringing warmth, fun
Freedom, Aloha!

Board in hand, rushing in
Swoosh, swish, swoosh
Paddling, diving through waves
Paddle, swish, paddle, swish
Meeting the fun, Aloha!

Great Wave builds up
Paddling fast, heart beat pumping
Jumping on to board, coasting
Joy, excitement swimming through
Great warmth, Aloha!

Stress to Anxiety

Calm yet unsure
Rocks slowly build up, to the Max
Emotions rise Sky high
Slowly simmering, to boiling

Boom! Overwhelmed
Over boiled, eyes balling
Curling up into a ball, like a Kitty
Run down, beaten up

Not knowing what to do, Gravity pulling me down
Emotionally run down
Stuck, nowhere to go
Feeling lonely

Weak, heart beating too fast
Not wanting to do anything
Except Bed, Warmth
Compassion, Companionship