Unexpected events
Unexplained, odd
Swoosh here, swoosh there
Unusual, not normal

Feeling a presence
Strong, dark
Creepy, yet curious
Lurking around

There, yet not
Pulling a Houdini?
Unknown, flying around
Like a ghost

Disappearing, vanishing
No trace
Yet still there
Haunting, lingering

Soul Searching

Unsure, scared
Yet pushing on
Following one’s instincts
Listening to heart, finding my way
On my own

Leaving comfort zone
Facing mountains, lava
Ridgy rollercoasters
Journey may a leave a scar
Eying, healing, searching

No assistance
Learning from others, loved ones
Marching to my own drums
Feeling it inside me

Wiser, stronger
No regrets, nor arrogant
Bittersweet, appreciative
I know my way

Beauty & the Beast

A Rose by any other name
Ever so pretty
Soft, strong character
Challenges, defies others

Gentle, firm voice
Clever, bookish
Sweet, lovely vocals
Independent, accepts one’s character

Outwardly not do handsome Beast
Tough, stubborn, loud
Inwardly sensitive, warm hearted
Caring, sweet
Not a Beast, a real Man

Colliding, accepting another
Surprisingly falling
Slowly, steadily
Finding true love
As petals fall

The Mask

Outwardly poker face
Cool, calm, collected
Lady-like, smiley
Respectful, biting tongue

Inside screaming
Desire to break free, inclusion
Fighting, struggling quietly
Yearning individuality, respected

Putting face on
Hidden underneath
Talked over, no voice
Isolated, alone
Pushed, shut down

No negotiations, Mask arrives
Be whatever One wants
Everything else…
Behind the Mask

Coffee Cafe’

Strong brew, rich and bold
Slight whiff, awakens senses
Boiling hot, foamy
Sweetness lingering

Fresh bakes
Various, numerous deliciousness
Soft chatters, soothing beats
Nibble, sip, nibble, sip

Page turners, engaging plots
Colorful characters, twists and turns
Sipping hot, bold brew
Nibbling sweet, fluffy goodness

Dolphin Protection

Swoosh, swoosh
Rocking, port to starboard
White caps flushing
Brushing, caressing the bow

Swish, swish
Bluish fin follows
Leaps gracefully
Forming giggly circles

Following, swimming as one
Protecting lovingly
Swoosh, swish, swoosh
Waves against the current

One by one, swimming along
A whole pod circling
Swish, swish, Splash!