About Me and My Creativity

I was an English Major and Communication Minor in college where I learned a variety of styles of writing, which really helped improve my own personal style. Whether I am writing a story or poem, I have seen a huge improvement and this achievement makes me want to improve my writing styles even more. I have always known that I really liked to write, but it wasn’t until I got my first poem published at my college’s literary journal when I realized I wanted to share my creativity with the world. Whoever reads my work I hope you like it!

I have been creating and writing, mainly, stories ever since I was a little girl and my creativity continues to grow. My family has always been supportive with my writing and I am proud to say that I have an uncle who use to be a reporter for newspapers. I really think that’s where I got my talent for writing, even though my style is different than my uncle’s. I didn’t start creating poems until high school and I still try to create more, even though stories are more of my passion.

Currently right now, I am trying to rewrite a story I started to create while I was in college. Unfortunately my laptop crashed and I didn’t save my story on a flash drive, but I’m glad to have an excellent memory. I am starting from scratch again, but this time I’m trying to really make the story pull the readers in, make them want to continue reading and never put it down until they have reached the end.


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