About Me and My Creativity

Hello everybody! My name full name is Catherine Elizabeth O’Sullivan, however I go by Katie. This website is dedicated to one of my loves and that is my writing. After getting my BA in English, minor in Communications, I am still soul searching for a career as I work in retail. In my spare time, I try to focus on my creative writing. Whether it’s poetry, general thoughts or creating a story. This website is mainly for my poetry and some times general thoughts.

I live by the ocean in the North Shore of Massachusetts and I love the ocean. This is one of the reasons why I dedicate my website to the sea and I love my middle name so that’s how I created my title. I enjoy using oceanic metaphors and relating it to life in countless ways. When I write outside my comfort zone, it’s a challenge yet it may not seem like it once my poems are published. I always write about life in a unique way and it’s how I communicate with the literary world. Please enjoy the ride, feel free to like, comment and share my work! I hope everybody likes it!



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