Adrift in Sanctuary

Tranquility, peace
Swish, swish
Colorful shades of orange
Slight hint of redness

Massive sphere descending, slowly
Leaving slight green sparkles
Swish, swish
Giggly circles, reflecting orangey sky

Swish, swish
Silver figures breaks the seas
Circling, swimming underneath
Intrigue, excitement swims through

Sphere disappears, orange to red
Red to purple, swish
Purple to royal blue, swish
Silver figures arise, gracefully

Group of men, charming
Seductive smiles, colorful eyes
Swoosh, swish, swoosh
One swims to edge, to shore
Extends hand, inviting

Upper body, beautiful, muscular
Dark chocolate eyes, sandy hair
Bluish-green… Mer-tail!
Sudden warmth, pulled to depths
Simple kiss, little water
Diving in, to colorful mer-world


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