Battle for Freedom

Drifting away, pulled out to sea
Unsure, scared, nowhere to turn
Yearning compassion, seeking destiny
Individuality, steer my own current

Swoosh! Clash! Clang!
Storm whips up, waves build up
As emotions, stress raise up
Darkness blows through

Great Wave takes over
Over powers smaller wave
Manipulates movements, emotions
Circling uncertainty, confusion

Clang! Clash! Swoosh!
Winds salvage small wave
Swimming, circling back
Swoosh, swoosh
Strength rises, battling Great Wave

Winds raise up Small wave
Like an Army of Knights aiding King
Ultimate Battle, Now or Never!
My Path, for my Current!

Great force, Swoosh!
Great Mighty Wave
Smaller rises up, every single ripple
Clang! Clash! Clang!

Storm dies, winds caress small wave
Small wave survives, the Great defeated
Swish, swish, ripple, ripple
Giggly, colorful, gentle wave


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