Expectations & Peer Pressure

Why is there still high expectations during the twenty-first century when so much time has passed? Every family has their own ideas and expectations for their children, yet somehow society also has their own ideas as well. Both combined can put an enormous amount of pressure on a child and/ or young adult. Time may have changed bringing modernization and intriguing technology, yet somehow a couple of the old fashion ideas/ rules still linger within the air. We all grow up fantasizing about love, marriage, having children of our own, having a happily ever after but also finding our own way in life before we commit to anything serious.

Time flies when we have fun as children to young adults then slowly grow up and realize what life has in store for us along with our family’s expectations, even society. We have to go to college, learn all kinds of skills, burn out the craziness inside us, then hopefully find out what we want to do with our lives. It’s easy for some people, while for others like myself are still searching to figure out our niche in life. Trying to find oneself isn’t easy, but when our family’s and society’s expectations get mixed in that’s when we feel the peer pressure to fulfill their needs more than our own. Some can fight against it and deal with the consequences, while others try to juggle everyone’s expectations while doing his/ her own thing. There are times when our mind set gets clouded with other people’s opinions and expectations we forget what makes us happy and/ or put our dreams on hold. It doesn’t seem fair, yet these things happen. Why do we get influenced by others? Are we afraid to let everyone down? Or, do we try everything at once while hoping it will come together? Food for thought.


2 thoughts on “Expectations & Peer Pressure

  1. Katie O, you’ll figure it out. Remember life is not a race!!! We all get to where we need to go in our own time. Use this time & place in your life to try things outside of your comfort zone. You have a huge safety net (your home life) that can afford you the time to be risky & adventurous! Start by just saying yes to everything. There are so many adventures and experiences to be had. What’s the worst that can happen????
    Toepick ❤

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