For My Darling, My Love

With every passing moment, my mind is blown away

Every time thou lookst me, thou hast become more handsome

Thou has unlimited freedom

The sound of thou sword, of war, marks one proactive


Every passing day, gets harder as times goes on

Knowing I will never get my chance

Thou has been told to be the sun of son

Seeing thou shining, reminds me I’ll never have Lance


Wanting to be with my darling, my love

My darling is to be told the next great king

Thou art to marry another person who is like a dove

Thy dove may wear thy ring


This dove will never love my love as I do

My love says you are the only one I would woo



One thought on “For My Darling, My Love

  1. I am in love with this change in style you tried out in this poem. It appears to be a great inner dialog of a lovestricken person. What makes it stand out is that it is so different form the rest of your stuff which is full of painting pictures, or scenes, for the reader, but this is someone telling their thoughts to the reader. and it was done so eloquently. I am in love with this poem about love!

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