Thank You Rent

Rent is a lovely musical based on the struggles of HIV/ AIDs, relationships, love, life and sex, and it continues to capture audience’s hearts wanting to see it more than once. Every time I’ve watched this musical whether it’s the stage or movie version I tear up every time because of a beautiful storyline with colorful characters and meaningful music. I was lured by the music since each song had its own story, purpose and meaning to the musical making it even more touching and heartfelt. It’s hard to say which character I can relate to the most, yet all I know is that I can truly relate to almost everything within this beautiful musical. After watching Rent a few times this past month I became even more choked up since I’m dealing with my own life struggles and there were a couple songs that truly touched my heart. “I’ll Cover You” both the original and the reprise along with “Without You” were the ones that really got me choked up since they really made me realize what I truly want. Life is precious and every day is a gift, which something I truly believe many people forget and I know I have sometimes. The reprise of “I’ll Cover You” truly touched and hit me to the point where I knew what and who would complete me bringing love and happiness. Rent is one of those few musicals that truly touches people’s hearts and lives by helping them deal with their struggles. Enjoy each day and experience it with people you love and love you back for who you are. There is nothing more rewarding than that and this how everyone should be living there lives.


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