Flickering Flame

No light, nor flickers
Silence, obscurity
Deep breathes, step by step
Squeezing my eyes, craving hope

Silence broken, whispers echoes
Eyes wide open, still darkness
Slight warmth
Slight gusts of winds from behind
Slowly moving around

Small light within the distance
Moving towards it, yet it’s moving
Side to side, unevenly
Like candlelight

Graceful, warm winds blow
Light moves unevenly, rapidly
As if about to go out
Rushing to the light


3 thoughts on “Flickering Flame

  1. Loving the repeated use of light, warmth, bluish green, glimmers and darkness in your various works recently. Those characteristics are starting to take on life of their own.

  2. Spelling error? “Moving towards it, yet it(‘)s moving”

    Something that came to my mind as I was reading these three most recent “glimmer” poems was the use of words I like to call “space takers”. These are words like “the, is, it, about, maybe, like, what, about” etc. These words tend to slow down rhythm when rhythm builds drama. This piece has a soft, slow, eerie feeling to it because those specific words are present. if that’s the feeling you were going for then you have succeeded. I’m trying my best to not assume the motive of the artist because an artist’s motive is a very elusive thing to pinpoint.

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