Mermaid Destiny

Intrigue, fascination blows like the wind
Builds up from the sea, slowly
Fills up the air, entering the rooms
Winds flows through

Breathing in the salty sea air
Breathing in the seas
Drifting through my body, filling up
Feeling free, alive yet dry

Yearning, leaving the corset life
Drawn, pulled towards the seas
Step by step, closer and closer
Toes touch the edge, slight instant relief
Head bends back, moans

Inching in more, to my ankles
How’s this possible?
Salty sea air, salty water bringing relief?
Tinkling sensation from my toes
Moving its way up

Deeper steps, more tinkling
Mid thigh deep, feeling my feet slowly become one
Arching my body, slight push
Deep dive to the heavens
Complete relief
Greeting my fate, transformation
Beautiful and free


One thought on “Mermaid Destiny

  1. I love this one. It is very easy to understand because of the image of a woman walking into the water – much like how a metaphor gives a mental image of parallel concepts. Very elegant image too- by concentrating on her body – toes, ankles, thighs. This poem could be even longer by describing more of her features.

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