Bringing Life, Bringing Love

Slight swift winds
Relaxing, soothing
Salty sea air stirring

Swish, swish
Waves barely build
Slowly moving
Pure beauty, barely lifeless

Swish! Swish! Splash!
From the depths
Mystery builds, from the depths
Soothing, yet stirred

Intriguing shadow floats up
Gracious movements
Breaking the sea, the silence
Splash! Splash!
Water breaking, excitement

Rises with a smashing smile
Breaking the sea, bringing life
Inviting, generously
Winds pick up the sea, slowly
Instant compassion, warmth
Excitement, happiness
Starting a new, relation

Swish, swish, swish
Movements build
Being pulled in, willingly

One rises, as another does
As the handsome creature moves closer
Going in, leap of faith
One touch, one kiss
Slight swift winds, starting a new
Entering a world of happiness
A world of joy
A world of love


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