Never Let Go

Every time I watch Titanic, I am reminded how precious life is. As Jack Dawson (Leonardo DiCaprio) said, “to make each day count.” He couldn’t be more truer than that. We never know what life will throw at us and we should really try our best “to make each day count”, which most of us forget about. We get caught up in our silly, crazy lives and forget how it could end very quickly, yet unexpectedly. All we can do is acknowledge how precious life is and try to put that in everything we do in life. This could be embracing new challenges or helping people in need or even just being a better person and really appreciate what he/ she has, knowing there are other people who aren’t as lucky. We should never let go of what we have and more importantly any promises we make. Never let go, even when it seems impossible and difficult, yet there is always hope.


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