The War From The Depths

Swish, swish, swish
Roars, from the depths
The one place that was once
Serene, peaceful, soothing
Suddenly a war breaks

Waves build up
Stronger, harder, louder
Squawking, once soothing
Cries like a baby

The waves rise higher, louder
Squawking rises
Another war breaches from the depths
Swish! Swish! Swish!
More heavy waves come
Like men in combat, heavily armed

One wave builds up
High to the sky
Another tries to counteract higher
The two build up against each other
First wave undermines, demolishes the second wave

The war is endless
Never ending
Constantly quarreling
The one wave always wins
No other

Always causes quarrels
Always will be
Taking over, frustrating
Taking some down with him
Unknowingly, others wanting him demolished
No matter what, the wave always comes back
The constant…
The war from the depths


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