Can We Control Our Fate?

What is fate? What about destiny? Some may say fate intervenes in life in mysterious ways. But my question is: can we fully control what happens in our lives? We can always dream, hope and wish for certain things. Whether it’s career change/ success or finding true love, do we fully know what life has in store for us? We never really do. All we can do is do our very best, work hard and strive for happiness. How will we know if fate brought us to our dream job and/ or true love? Only time will tell. Aim for the stars! Never give up. I fully believe we can choose how to live our lives, but life is mysterious and unpredictable like the weather. All we can do is hold on tight, push on, stay positive and continue living life.


One thought on “Can We Control Our Fate?

  1. I see the truth in that. Sometimes our simple attitudes or reactions to things could completely change the outcome of where we end up. People rely on people, so do we not depend on the actions and reactions of others, as well? Good mind food!

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