“Not all treasure is silver and gold”  ~ Captain Jack Sparrow

Captain Jack Sparrow has a point when it comes to treasure. If anyone has seen the Pirates of the Caribbean series, we all see what a pirate life is like with countless action scenes and the battles they go through either with other pirates, the law or even the seas.  What I have noticed after watching these amazing, addicting movies is that treasure can be anything, not just money. Captain Jack Sparrow hints it throughout the series along with the help of other characters like Will and Elizabeth. The greatest treasures we can ever possess is life itself and the many things it will bring like true love, adventure, and in the eyes of Captain Jack Sparrow, freedom. The freedom to do whatever he wants with his life and we should have this same view and approach to life. For me, treasure is my friends, family, freedom, love, and believing there is magic everywhere within the world. What is your treasure?


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