Where does inspiration come from? For me, I feel as if I get from everywhere I go and everyone I interract with or even admire like celebrities and artists. There is no better inspiration to get from other than my loving parents. Of course there are moments they get on my nerves or just drive me crazy, but that mostly means they’re doing their job as parents. They inspire me to be the best person I can be and to try my very best everyday. I know they are always there for me no matter what I decide. My entire family gives me inspiration, from all generations. Not only do they have the same affect my parents do, yet also I feel as if I get a stronger level of motivation especially when it comes from my grandparents. The knowledge and wisdom I learn from them is not only crucial, it also motivates me to aim for my dreams to be writer, become well traveled, be more patient and find true love. Their love story along with my parents makes me strive for what they have, which is honest chemistry and it develops the strongest love I have ever seen.

My small group of friends inspire me to just be me and not be afraid who I am around them. I can be shy, but it doesn’t mean I won’t voice my opinion and share my thoughts on certain things. Because of my amazing friends I am inspired to come out of my shell, epecially with my writings. I have to thank a friend and coworker, Katelyn for suggesting to create my own website or blog in order to attract readers and possibly publishers and editors. It’s an other step towards to getting myself out in the written, publishing world.

Lastly, some artists inspire me in many ways like my friends and family do. Katy Perry has played a huge part because her music speaks to me and more importantly she is honest within her work, which motivates me to be somewhat like her. I want to be able make a mark in life where I can speak and represent for my generation and others by relating to them somehow. My parents, my grandparents, my family, and Katy Perry inspire me everyday. Who inspires you? Why? How? Please share, if you like.


4 thoughts on “Inspiration

  1. From your post, I realize that anyone can inspire anyone even just a little bit 🙂 you don’t have to be a famous star but someone who speaks truth to you, beautiful post

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