My Savior

I don’t know how or when
But the day, you pulled me out of the water
You saved me from all of the hot, steamy lava
From the volcano and the waves from the sea

I will never forget this person
This person knew what to do
This person knew what to say
This person knew I needed a shoulder
A friend to count on

My body and mind is tired
Tired of fighting off the hot, steamy lava
And the heavy waves
When I finally came up for air
There was an angel
And was finally pulled away

The pain, the struggles fade away
This angel was an amazing person
This angel is now someone special
Someone I wish to call a friend
Oh, my dear friend the day you came
Is a day I will never forget

The day you came was the time I knew
I knew you were special
You were not only special
You are my savior

(This is dedicated to my college roommate and best friend)


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