Into The Woods, part 2

Into The Woods is a beautiful movie musical brought to the screen by Rob Marshall and Walt Disney Studios for all generations to see. The younger generation enjoys the fairy tales along with the music, while older generations (myself included) not only enjoin the same thing, yet we see how the movie parallels in everyday life. Each character symbolizes people we encounter every day and the meaning and themes behind the storyline echoes within the characters words and actions. For instance, the children symbolize innocence while the adults are reality in the beginning. As the storyline progresses all of the characters emerge and they all learn from one another.

In the beginning we are introduced to Cinderella represents an individual who may have lost everything, but still hopes and believes in a better life. Jack is a young boy who is happy with who he is, yet has his “head in the clouds”, as his mother would say. Little Red Riding Hood is a little girl who may take a few cookies and not pay for them, yet she has a good heart and tries to do what’s best for her family. Mr. and Mrs. Baker are a loving, sweet couple who care for one another and have a difficult time conceiving a child. Mr. Baker doubts himself and is unsure if he should be a father because his own father left him and was never taught how to be a good father. Mrs. Baker helps her husband to believe in himself and is really dependable. As the storyline progresses each of these characters are challenged with who they are and they either learn from their experiences or need more time to mature to fully understand about “the woods” and themselves. Do any of these personalities sound familiar? There are people like these characters in the world and makes the story of this musical not only interesting, yet also entertaining, which easily catches and pulls in the audience for the ride.


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