The Beach

As I sit here after being in the water

I feel so relaxed and at peace

Beautiful scenery lay out before me

As I sit here, I look out and all I see

Open sea… waiting to be claimed

A pirate or sailor

One would have a glorious adventure

Doing his job out on sea

While the other hunts for war ship

Fight for it, claim it as his own, then off

To find treasure of all kinds

As I lay here, I cannot help but think

How much I enjoy coming to this place

I let my mind drift just like the water

The water drifts out to sea

Everything just gets quiet

My body loosens and relaxes

Taking in the beautiful smell

Close my eyes then I find myself

In another world

A world that I dream about

A life as a sailor

Or a life as a pirate

One is calming, peaceful

The other is frightful yet adventurous and exciting

Once I wake up, I cannot seem to stop smiling

The dreams would feel somewhat real

As I lay here, I wonder

Just to be able to have a ship

I would go off on adventure

An adventure that has been itching at me

An adventure that would be glorious

An adventure to remember


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