Why is Life Hard?

Why is life so hard these days? There are moments in life I think things can’t get any worse, and yet they do. Is the government ever going to get better and try to help create new jobs. I graduated for college in 2013 and I’m still struggling trying to find a job. I work part time in retail and it’s something to have on my resume, but also to have money in the bank and to get me out of the house. Whenever I apply for jobs I always do research on the company and check where it’s located. What really bothers me is the amount of experience some of these companies are asking for. If I find something really good and it’s entry level, the job usually is too far for me travel to. The people I work with keep on telling me to never loose hope and keep my head up. But how can I get a real job if someone doesnt give me a chance?


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