Just Be Yourself

“Be yourself; everyone else is already taken.”   ~ Oscar Wilde

Why does it seem that almost everybody tries to blend in and try to be like everyone else? Can we try to not listen to what the media has to say, or even other people? They always seem to have an opinion on how men and women should live their lives. We can be ourselves and its all right to be different, which is why I love Oscar Wilde’s quote. You are you, and you can’t be anyone else because he or she “is already taken.” This actually reminds me of one Katy Perry’s songs “Firework” and she tells all of her fans that it is all right to be different and stand out when she sings “You are firework. Come on show them what you’re worth… Come on let your colors burst.” Both Oscar Wilde and Katy Perry tell us we should show who we truly are because we all have something special inside us. We shouldn’t limit ourselves. We can aim for the stars as long as we are true to ourselves, but also believe in ourselves. No one can tell us who to be, how to live ourselves and so on. We should just be ourselves in a good, positive way. Although nobody is perfect, everybody makes mistakes but what is most important is what we learn and those experiences can makes us better people.


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