Life is a roller coaster

Life is very much like a roller coaster. Many things happen whether they are good or bad. I have learned so much these past few years and what I believe is most important is the people you include in your life. I know I be wouldn’t be who and where I am if it weren’t for my friends. I always know my family is always by my side, but when it comes to friends some times you never fully know who your friends are once you have gone through the thick and thin. I may only have a couple friends here and there, whether I met them in college or work, they are amazing people and I’m grateful to have them in my life.

It doesn’t matter how difficult life can get, what matters is how you pull through it and that you can, especially with the help from your friends and family. I really grew up a lot in college and during each year I had some kind of drama, or shakey rides where my patience, trust and loyalty in friends were tested. One year I dealt with a death within my family and all of the fiends I made had shown their true colors. Half of them were true friends and they helped me get through that tough time. I believe that was toughest year because I thought my uncle would be able to fight his illness. What matters now is that he is in a better place. What I learned was to appreciate life and really live life to the fullest. Lastly, I may only have a few friends but I feel only a few friends makes my life even richer along with my family.

No matter what this roller coaster has in store for me, I will be able to conquer it with everything I have. Whether it’s the struggle finding a soul mate, a job, or my niche in life, the roller coaster may be tricky but I will find a path that would hopefully be less bumpy.


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