The Calm, Peaceful Ocean

As the breeze goes by…

I feel calm, relaxed

Everything is quiet

All I can hear is the sound of the waves

The ocean is calm

Goes in and out

Taking a deep breath, my body loosens

So relaxed, at peace

Lay down on the soft sand

Feeling at home

Never wanting to leave

Don’t want to go back

The storms always clashing together

No more fights, no more negotiations

All I want is a life

My own

As I lie there, everything is quiet

I feel myself drift away with the ocean

Close my eyes

Let my mind drift out to sea

And then I find myself in a different world

A world where I can be myself

A world where I let loose and be free

A world that I love to call the calm, peaceful ocean

A world I never want to leave

This is where I belong


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