How long does it take to heal the heart?

Love is a funny thing, but it can be amazing and feeling as if you’re on the top of the moon. Once you have tasted it, you don’t want to loose and you would do anything to make it work without being too forceful, pushy or needy. I did everything I could do without any of those beings as best as possible.

I was deeply in love with my college boyfriend and we’re together for over two and half years. The longest relationship for both of us and we really cared for each other. It has been almost a year since the break up and I feel as if I have moved on, yet I still feel a little wounded and not fully healed. It was my first love and many people say you’ll never forget your first love and you’ll always have a place in your heart for him. I know I wont forget him, how I felt about him and how he made feel, but I don’t know if I will ever have a spot for him in my heart. No one likes to admit or realize that the their partner is loosing interest, just fades away or worse and doesn’t communicate about anything serious until its too late.

It was hard for me to say it, but I saw him fade away and didn’t talk to me the way he use to.  Of course I was curious what was going and who wouldn’t be? I was worried, concerned and nervous that our relationship was in trouble and I did everything I could, but unfortunately it didn’t work out. However, it made me realize that I’m better off without him and I will get over him, which I did eventually. Like I said before, I have moved on and healed almost all the way, but I think I wont be fully healed until I meet someone even better.

I know that there is a man somewhere out there for me and I’m trying to be patient. Everyone has these experiences in life and its part of growing up and learning what we really want in life, ourselves, and also a life partner. Heartbreak will always be difficult and once you get through it, it will all be worth it in the end and I know it will. Life just sucks sometimes and I hate to say it, not to be rude or sexist, but guys can suck some times too. At least the ones who don’t have heart and don’t know how to communicate well. I just look forward to the day when I meet a really nice man who is a gentlemen, has a heart, can make me laugh, can express himself and is just really sweet.

P.S. I’m just sharing my life story and feelings about love and relationships.


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