Living the Life?

There are times when I wonder if this past year was wasted or not. Half of the time was wasted moving into a new home with my parents in the north shore and trying to find a job. I know the job market hasn’t been good, especially for college graduates who are competing with people who got laid off and have work experience. The other half I have been working in retail at the mall and it has been a workout. Its a job that keeps me busy, money in the bank and some work experience until I find something better. I just hope something comes along soon because I cant see myself working in retail forever. I know I can do more and I want to really challenge myself. I will admit the advantage working in retail is that I can create my own schedule and be very flexible, although I tend to work close to 30 hours almost every week. Some people have said to me that I am living the life since I don’t have to worry about paying bills since I’m living with my parents still and not have a lot of responsibility. I know I am very fortunate and I really appreciate my parents letting me stay with them. I may not pay bills but I do other things to make up for that like help around the house, cook, take care of my car, buy groceries and such. Maybe I am living the life since its easy but life isn’t always easy. I do what I can, work really hard, continue to apply for jobs and go for interviews. All I can do is very my best and just be myself. I know the job will come, but it does get frustrating. I will keep on plugging and just enjoy the time I have now because I once I start at a real job, I know it wont stop. So I will enjoy what I have now and live the life for awhile.


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