The winds shift
Like a conversation does
Not knowing what is going to happen next
Unexpected, surprised
Out of nowhere a storm clashes
The winds turn a conversation
About life into a storm
A storm that one does not want
The winds start to become strong
Strong enough to cause
The waves to build
The louder she gets, the louder I get
The winds get stronger

He rises and clashes right into me
Pushing me down, loosing breath
The waves build on top of me
Pushing me down towards the bottom
Will I ever be the person I was born to be?

Not knowing where to go
Feel like losing time, breath
Knowing where to go
How can I be myself?
Fighting against it all
Pushing, forcing myself to go up
The waves get rougher, stronger
Something tells me to fight harder
That I can make it
With or without them

I should be free and comfortably be myself
No matter what
The waves try harder, but I know I can make it
I feel tingling feeling, then a light breaks way
An angel appears
The storm slowly fades away
Still trying to make my way
My angel stays with me
Helping, caring, loving
So soft, gentle hands
A simple touch makes me feel
Right at home, feeling your love
My angel


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