My World of Sanctuary

In a world where I can let loose
A world I like to call my world
This place is where everything else
Melts and fades away
Letting my muscles relax

Have my hips sway
Letting the beautiful or upbeat
Melody, take over my body
Stepping into a world I know and love
This world my body can just
Follow the melodies and beats

These melodies and beats make
My hips and feet move in away they love
And could never stop
The melodies and beats
Wake up the rest of my body

Emotions are then released
Oh, I love this beautiful, wonderful world…
A world where I have my time
Time just for me and no one else
This world gives me relief

This world gives me music
This world gives me dance
This world gives me… sanctuary
A world where there is just music and me
Everything else goes completely silent
My body relaxes and feels the music
The music takes over as I loose myself
As I start swaying into my world of sanctuary


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