Gigantic, luxurious
Spacious, elegance
Nautical gorgeousness

Constantly moving
Swishing, squeeging
Folding, cleaning
Flipping shakers

Shimmering glasses
Sunset cocktails, refinement
Smiley stewardesses
Impressin, carterin

Pullin, tightin
Figure 8, locked in
Smashin, muscly deckhands

Chartering, swishin
Anchored blankets
Splashin, Swimmin’
Enjoyment, excitement


Unknowingly Manipulated

Says some things
Supposedly understanding
Respectful, Supportive
Loving, caring like a Dolphin

Lightening crashes, unexpected 180
True colors shining, clear as water
Smirking, slick creature
Compassion for others?
Possibly, yet manipulative

No full respect
Little bits
Like a Shark
Teasing, playful to fish
Without eating

Hovering, swimming
Too close
Any respect?

Shark slithers
Quietly manipulates
Fish transforms slowly
Different creature

Dancing Figures

Soft light, ambiance

Jazzy, soulful melodies

One small figure

Tall figure emerges

Caresses, spins figure


Face to face

Beautiful, strong frames

Melodies aides bodies

Gracefully floating like clouds

Moving as One


Glittery smiles, smooth moves

Leading, following

Shining bright like Stars


Intriguing chemistry

Exposing hearts

Displaying beauty, grace

Prosecco Love

Transparent as water

Bubbly as soda

Light gold lusciousness

Sweet, lighter than others

Elevated, elegance


Circulating, swishing

Sip, sip, sip

Nursing, giggling, bubbling

Lightly floating, chatting

Slight lovely sensations


Sweet, pure innocence

Sparkling liquid

Sip, nurse, sip

Light joy, excitement


Loosens up

Floating on clouds

Circulating, dancing

Shining, bubbling